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iSweep 1.7.3

iSweep 1.7.3

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iSweep Publisher's Description

iSweep is an application that will analyze your iTunes database and find all duplicate music files that you have running on your system. It can then remove the duplicate files from your hard drive or back the files up to a user selected directory. This way you are not wasting space or finding that you have the same song playing more than once on your system when you are in shuffle mode. This process can take countless hours if you do it by hand, where iSweep can do it for you and take all the pain out of this tedious task.

  • Search by Song Name and Artist
  • Optionally search by Album, File Size, File Type, Bit Rate, Genre and/or Track Length w/user set time threshold
  • List all duplicates found
  • Delete duplicates from your hard disk
  • Backup duplicates to a user defined directory
  • Protect your playlists option to keep duplicates from being removed if they are in a playlist
  • Ability to search hard drive for all music file that are not registered in the iTunes Music Library Database
  • Ability to move all these orphaned music files to one, user chosen location

    Version 1.3 has added some noticable updates. The first new option is the ability to search your hard drive for all music files not registered in the iTunes database. I was surprised how many orphaned music files are on some hard drives, mine included. iSweep takes this a step further and allows you to move all of these orphaned music files to one, user selected location, making it easier to either add them to iTunes, back them up, delete them, etc.

    The search functionality is fairly fast, but it does depend highly on your system. The more resources, the faster the search. The faster the hard drive, the faster the search, the more files on the hard drive, the slower the search, etc. On my system, with over 100GB in use, it took 515 seconds to search the whole drive, excluding system directories and the applications folders. This isn't too bad at all, especially considering I had some major resource hog programs running at the same time (3D program, photoshop, xcode, ect.).
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